Why it’s surreal to travel in Europe during Covid

While the global Covid-19 situation is changing every day, for those living in Europe, the borders between countries in the Schengen region have recently reopened. This allows those who assume the risk to travel for tourism outside their home countries for the first time in months. There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion about what…

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6 Important Ways You Can Make a Difference from Abroad

Between Coronavirus, racial injustice, protests, and the lack of clear leadership from the current administration, I think the last few weeks have left many Americans wondering how to make a difference from abroad. As my own answer to that question, I created an initiative—Stimulate Change. It calls on Americans abroad to donate their U.S. government…

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An Open Letter to American Expats

This is a travel blog. But it’s also a blog for expats—specifically (since it’s my own area of expertise), American expats. I don’t know about you, but over the past several weeks, I’ve been struggling with my identity as an American, the feeling of being (physically) distanced from issues I care about, and the helplessness…

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Reading Recos: Travel Books to Escape Into

At the start of the year, I set a goal of reading 40 books before the end of 2020. I was anticipating it to be difficult—until the pandemic started. With lots of free time and nowhere to be, this has been an ideal time to hunker down and disappear into a book. Hungry for new…

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Travel-Related Things to Do in Lockdown

Welcome to the one-month mark of lockdown in Berlin! I don’t know how you’ve been spending your time in lockdown/quarantine/shelter in place, but I’ve vacillated between the 7 stages of grief with whip lashing regularity. It sucked to watch all of my spring travel plans vanish in the course of just a few weeks. It…

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5 Essential Things to Do When Booking Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I think we can all agree—it’s a weird time. On the one hand, there’s an apocalyptic eeriness, with bars and restaurants shuttered, stores running low on supplies, and empty streets. On the other hand, it can feel normal, with work and life continuing on at its typical speed. With things changing every day, it’s hard…

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18 Incredible Vacation Destinations Without People

Sometimes you just need to get away—from cell service, small talk, and civilization. For that, here’s a list of incredible vacation destinations without people.

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The Big Real-Time List of Airline Coronavirus Policies

Travel during the Coronavirus outbreak is constantly changing. So if you have bookings coming up or you’re trying to plan for the (uncertain) future, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your airline’s rebooking policies. Forbes rounded up all major airline Coronavirus Policies and is updating it in real-time based on new information. Reference it here!


Should You Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

With the pandemic going (literally) viral, a lot of people are questioning whether it’s wise to travel during the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether travel during the Coronavirus outbreak is right for you might depend on quite a few things. The actual necessity of your travel, the risks you encounter (and pose to others)—but most importantly, your…

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Trace the Roots: A Talk on Intercultural Communication

Back in January I presented Trace the Roots, a Creative Mornings talk exploring the benefits and challenges of working across cultures. How do you plan meetings in New York? Pitch ideas in Berlin? Pay for client dinners in Japan? I’ve learned quite a few lessons living abroad—but the most valuable was that different cultures have…

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