5 Essential Things to Do When Booking Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I think we can all agree—it’s a weird time. On the one hand, there’s an apocalyptic eeriness, with bars and restaurants shuttered, stores running low on supplies, and empty streets. On the other hand, it can feel normal, with work and life continuing on at its typical speed. With things changing every day, it’s hard…

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18 Incredible Vacation Destinations Without People

Sometimes you just need to get away—from cell service, small talk, and civilization. For that, here’s a list of incredible vacation destinations without people.

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The Big Real-Time List of Airline Coronavirus Policies

Travel during the Coronavirus outbreak is constantly changing. So if you have bookings coming up or you’re trying to plan for the (uncertain) future, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your airline’s rebooking policies. Forbes rounded up all major airline Coronavirus Policies and is updating it in real-time based on new information. Reference it here!


Should You Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

With the pandemic going (literally) viral, a lot of people are questioning whether it’s wise to travel during the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether travel during the Coronavirus outbreak is right for you might depend on quite a few things. The actual necessity of your travel, the risks you encounter (and pose to others)—but most importantly, your…

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Trace the Roots: A Talk on Intercultural Communication

Back in January I presented Trace the Roots, a Creative Mornings talk exploring the benefits and challenges of working across cultures. How do you plan meetings in New York? Pitch ideas in Berlin? Pay for client dinners in Japan? I’ve learned quite a few lessons living abroad—but the most valuable was that different cultures have…

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30+ Essential Apps for Living in Germany

Will apps make living in Germany easier? In a change-averse country full of red tape, it can be hard to think so. Coming from San Francisco, I really missed the intuitive app culture when I arrived in Hamburg. I mean, Germany barely lets you pay by debit card, let alone by bitcoin. It took four…

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New Travel Requirements for U.S. Travelers to Europe

Starting in 2021, there will be new travel requirements for U.S. travelers to Europe. While it’s nothing too intimidating or complex, the new travel requirements for U.S. travelers are going complicate entry into Europe—“complicate” here being a relative term. As U.S. citizens, we’re currently pretty lucky. Beyond the 90-day limit within the European Schengen zone,…

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Up and Gone: 2019’s Year in Travel

While 2018 was packed with adventure, 2019 felt much more leisurely. There were work trips, pleasure trips, surprise trips. Beach trips and city trips. But most were short getaways, or trips back home to California. 2019 brought a lot of instability and curveballs—including one cancelled trip and one bout of severe travel sickness…but it reminded…

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The Comprehensive List of Berlin Christmas Markets

Before we jump into this list of Berlin Christmas markets, I’m going to start by making the bold statement that anyone who doesn’t love Christmas markets must be the Grinch himself. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, or if carols make you cringe, or if you think gift-giving is consumerism at its worst—you’re going to…

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