What to Know Before You Go to Oktoberfest

It’s fall in Germany, and that means one thing: Oktoberfest. Despite having lived here for three years already, this year marked my first trip to Oktoberfest—the real one, anyway! In just one weekend, I learned a lot about the do’s, don’ts, and history of this storied festival. Here’s everything you’d want to know before you…

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Would you visit Saudi Arabia?

Two years ago, I was talking to a friend about our bucket list destinations. Russia was (and is) high on my list. “I have no interest in Russia,” my friend said. I expressed surprise. “Think of the history, the art, the architecture,” I argued. “I don’t want to give my tourist dollars to Putin’s government,”…

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Featured On: Written From Interviews

I recently chatted to Megan and Luis from Written From as part of their ongoing interview series. I talked to them about why I love being on the move, how I fund my trips (despite major student loan debt) and schedule the time off (despite a demanding full-time job), and how I’d define my “travel philosophy”. Check it out here!


Best Places for Asian Food in Berlin

Coming from San Francisco, I wasn’t expecting to have a huge array of good options for Asian food in Berlin. Lo, to my surprise, there are some incredible Asian restaurants in this city. The trick, however, is finding them. Search Google, and you’ll get an Asian restaurant on every corner. Some are true gems. But…

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Working Out in Berlin

German culture is deep into fitness and wellness of all kinds, so finding options for working out in Berlin won’t be a problem. (A good thing, considering all the options for food in Berlin!) With everything from hula hooping to spin classes to personal training programs, there’s something for everyone in this diverse city. Working…

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Travel Inspiration: State Hall of the Austrian National Library in Photos

I have a small confession to make. On my first trip to Vienna, I tried to find this mythical library. It was meant to be the most beautiful thing a bibliophile could ever bear witness to. But I…couldn’t find the door. And by the time I did, it was closed for the day. No chance.…

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A Vienna Museum Guide

Because Vienna has so many museums (over 100!), it can be hard to decide which to visit. Luckily, on our last trip, 3 days out of our 7-day Vienna itinerary were dedicated to exploring as many museums as we could—resulting in this Vienna museum guide!  A Vienna Museum Guide Schönbrunn  The imperial family’s summer residence,…

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10 Tips for Visiting Schönbrunn Palace

Located just outside of the main city, Schönbrunn Palace is a grand, golden complex—as you’d expect from the main summer palace of the Hapsburg Imperial family. The Rococo residence has 1,441 rooms and gardens that seem to unfold forever. Housed within the complex are a multitude of smaller museums and gardens—a literal trove of historical…

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Is the Vienna Pass Worth It?

One key aspect of our 7-day Vienna itinerary was visiting Vienna’s museums. After some quick calculations, we decided to spring for the Vienna Pass, hoping we’d see enough attractions to make it worth the purchase price. Now, with the trip over and our brains (and phones) crammed with as much art, history, and antique furnishings…

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A Tour of the Vienna Coffeehouses

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, a tour of the Vienna coffeehouses should definitely be integrated into your Vienna itinerary. The coffeehouses serve up so much more than a strong espresso: you can order wine, cake, sandwiches, and—most importantly—a heaping dose of history.  Vienna’s Coffeehouse Culture You might be tempted to stop at a…

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