The Best Time to See Barcelona’s Gaudi

People come to Barcelona for different reasons. To eat, drink, dance, tan. But your trip will be lacking if you don’t include at least one piece of Barcelona’s exquisite Gaudi architecture. As these places are major tourist draws, it can be seriously off-putting to elbow your way through a massive tour group to appreciate the…

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November 9: A Turning Point in Germany History

Until this week, I couldn’t have told you why November 9 is a kay date in German development. But it marks a turning point in German history not once, but twice. Kristallnacht, or Night of the Broken Glass, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, both monumental turning points in German history, happened not just…

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Tips for planning a surprise trip

For all the travel planning logistics I do, there’s one trip a year I can always count on where I can be fully hands-off: our anniversary getaway. It’s Tim’s trip—one that he researches, plans, and books…all without me knowing where we go. So when it came to gathering tips for planning a surprise trip, I…

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13 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sardinia

When we think of Italy, lots of destinations come to mind. Getting lost in Venice. Scooting around Rome. Climbing the stairs of the Cinque Terre. Exploring lush hills of Tuscany. But what about Sardinia, the so-called Caribbean of Europe? For our fourth anniversary, Tim planned a surprise trip to this beautiful Mediterranean island—and not since…

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The Berlin Wall: Then and Now

November 9, 2019, marks the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Thirty years since a wall divided the city; when the fall came, Berliners said this day was more important than “Christmas and New Year’s combined.” To mark the occasion, the Berliner MorgenPost put together a series of interactive sliders that spotlight places along the wall, comparing how they look now to how they looked then. Check them out here:

Planning a Surprise Anniversary Trip

Tim’s been planning a surprise anniversary trip for me since the first year we were together—and this year marks the fourth surprise trip he’s planned. Year one? A romantic day trip around Hamburg. Year two? A weekend in Paris. Year three? Four days in Athens and Naxos. Year four? Five days in Sardinia. He laughingly…

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Culture Shock: German Dancehall Music

When you think about German music, I bet a few different beats come to mind. The oom-pa-pa of the polka. The oons-oons-oons of Berlin techno. The heavy metal clashing of Rammstein, or a childlike, ethereal voice counting red balloons. What I bet you don’t hear is the melodic riffs of Caribbean dancehall music. And that’s…

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Where to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

Bring out your dead! It’s my favorite time of the year, and the time when I’m pining most to be back in the States…Halloween! Last year I collaborated with The Flyaway Life on a list of haunted getaways all around the United States. So if you love tricks, treats, and travel as much as I do, give it a read!

5 Haunted Getaways in the USA

Palosanto: The Best Tapas in Barcelona

We stumbled on Palosanto on one of the many tapas and pintxos crawls we undertook to discover where to eat in Barcelona. Tucked into a bend on Rambla del Raval (and not too far from El Gat de Botero, a sculpture I can only assume is based on Simon’s Cat), Palosanto appears pretty unassuming from…

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Where to eat in Barcelona

In a foodie city like Barcelona, there’s no excuse not to eat well. But Barcelona is also full of tourist traps. So where should you eat in Barcelona? We rounded up a list of our favorite pintxos, tapas, and paella in this incredible city. First, what’s what to eat in Barcelona? Pintxos: Also spelled pinchos,…

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