5 Places in the Midwest Worth a Visit

This guest post was written by Michelle from Travel After Five, a blog specializing in tips and guides for traveling professionals.  The Midwestern United States has a lot to offer, stretching from North Dakota down to Kansas, and east to Ohio. Besides some of the nicest people you will ever meet, the Midwest has a…

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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Berlin is having what all the Germans assure me is the mildest November in living history. To top off these golden days, I got word at the end of November that Daniela from The Grumpy Camel awarded me the Sunshine Blogger Award! The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and…

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Best Backpacking Spots in South America

The Travel Mantra rounded up a bunch of the best spots to visit while backpacking in South America—and my tip to do a boat trip through the San Blas Islands made the list! Check out the write-up (and a bunch of other great destinations) here:


Travel Inspiration: The Parthenon in Photos

Country 30: Greece | This post is the final part of my 30×30 series. Read more here! We visited the Parthenon with barely an hour to spare before the gates closed. Seeing this ancient site at golden hour was nothing short of magic—the way the light lingered on the white stone, the rest of Athens spread…

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Why We Should All Go to Auschwitz

Country 29: Poland | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here. Many of us know Ray Allen as an NBA player—I used to love watching him play for the Celtics when I lived in Boston. But I had no idea he was also a gifted writer. He penned an opinion piece on why…

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Top South African Safari Sightings

Country 27: South Africa | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here! Our sweeping South Africa trip took us from Johannesberg to Cape Town (break for Namibia!) and then back again to the Vredefort Dome, a lush and dramatic area about an hour and a half outside of Jo’Berg. We’d seen some animals…

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Celebrating Halloween in Scotland

With its wild moors, haunted castles, heavy mists, and ancient stone circles, Scotland has always felt thrillingly spooky to me. And as a Scorpio born the day before Halloween, there’s little wonder that this windswept country haunts my imagination. Tim and I visited Scotland two years ago, timing our visit to coincide with both my…

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5 Things to Do in Stockholm in Summertime

Country 25: Sweden | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here! There are plenty of things to see in Stockholm, Sweden: but the first happens before you arrive. Flying into Arlanda gives you a fantastic view over the city, making it clear why you were right to visit Stockholm before you even…

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Going Horse Crazy in Vienna

Country 24: Austria | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here! “What does Vienna smell like?” The words hung in a crowded bar in the middle of the Tenderloin, thousands of miles from the city in question. My friend had just opined that Vienna smells worse than San Francisco—and I found it unfathomable…

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