Travel Inspiration: Washington D.C. in Photos

In my Kanpai to Kirin post, I alluded to my roomie being surrounded by cherry blossoms. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea to have Jess guest photoblog today with some shots of her new D.C. hood. Jessica and I go way back—all the way to freshman year at Emerson College, where we bonded over a love of sunshine, late-night CVS runs, and a fascination with photography. She’s now pursuing an MA in Arts Management from American University, and I couldn’t be happier that the art world is going to gain someone as compassionate, creative, and intelligent as her. (Sorry, super sappy. If that didn’t get you feeling all warm and fuzzy, these shots of the capital in springtime will. If that fails, you probably have no heart, you thing of stone, you.)


See what I mean? So gorgeous. What could be better than sipping some tea and spreading out beneath one of those trees with a good book and a soft blanket?

Like the shots? Check out some of Jess’ other photography at her Flickr site and follow her on Twitter: @wheretheartat.