New York: Twitter “Must-Follows”


Ever been in a position where you’re in a new place for a few weeks? I’ve been lucky enough to get to spend several weeks in New York this summer (yippee!) With few friends up here but a lot of time, I turned to Twitter to tell me where to hang, what to eat, and how to not go broke in the City that Never Sleeps. Here are a few recommendations:

Time Out New York (@TimeOutNewYork): A great resource for finding free and/or discounted events in the city, and it’s updated frequently!

NYC Free Events (@nyc4free): Providing daily free things to do in the city, including wine tastings, film screenings, and book signings.

Edible Manhattan (@ediblemanhattan): Restaurant recommendations, both off the beaten path and on the major streets. Plus discounts, prix fixe specials, and special event invites.


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