Instagram Location of the Year

Way to use your analytics, Instagram! I love this post they came out with today, showcasing the most Instagrammed locations of 2013.  I’m a little surprised that the number slot goes to Siam Paragon, the biggest mall in Bangkok. Don’t get me wrong, I loved me some Siam Paragon while I lived there, and they do have some amazing displays, but to be the most Instagrammed place in the world? Hats off! In honor of their rise to the top, here’s a (much) #latergram:

2013-12-13 11.40.32

Check out the other Instagram tops after the jump, and click here to see the list of Most Instagrammed cities!

The Most-Instagrammed Locations of 2013

  1. Siam Paragon (สยามพารากอน) shopping mall, Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Times Square, New York
  3. Disneyland, California
  4. Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas
  5. Disney World Florida
  6. Staples Center, Los Angeles
  7. Central Park, New York
  8. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
  9. Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ, Bangkok, Thailand
  10. The High Line, New York

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