17 Ways to Travel in Style

“It’s become okay for people to wear virtually their pajamas in airports. And I just don’t think it’s okay. I don’t think it’s okay at all.” –Casey Neistat, 

AMEN to that. Casey Neistat (who you may remember from biking through Superstorm Sandy and Nike’s #MakeitCount) has created an epic travelogue/style sheet for those who want to explore the world and look good doing it. How? J. Crew argues with the help of the Ludlow Traveler, a sweet new suit that apaprently won’t wrinkle as you make your way around the world. A little J. Crew never hurt anyone…though it might make surfing tough.

That slick quote came from an interview Casey did with NY Magazine’s The Cut. Check out the rest of the interview with Casey here.

[Note: despite my overwhelming bias, this post was not sponsored by J. Crew]


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