Connections: Young Brazilians Meet Elderly Americans

Often the main issue with learning a new language is trying to find someone to practice with. Who do you talk to? How can you find native speakers in your home country? Agency FCB Brazil solved that problem handily by introducing a speaking exchange that used webcam technology to connect Brazilian English students with retirement home-bound elderly Americans. It’s a perfect pair of earnest enthusiasm and willingness to talk—these older folks have no one to talk to, and these young ones need someone to practice with. I love the added bonus of sharing culture and inter-generational stories. It’s a beautiful watch, and a really excellent execution of a special idea.


One thought on “Connections: Young Brazilians Meet Elderly Americans

  1. This is really cool, Gabrielle. Galen and I were talking last night about dying languages, specifically about the Chamorro language of Guam, and Tahitian. This is an awesome win-win!

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