KLM Flies High with High Fives

Whenever we’re traveling and we encounter children, I love to watch David dole out high fives. There’s something so heartwarmingly simple about the gesture, and the childlike enthusiasm with which people respond. Kids especially seem to relish the action, laughing with glee as they try again and again to connect hands. So it was awesome to see an international brand recognize some of that magic and employ it in an ad campaign.

In their new interactive campaign, “Live High Five,” airline KLM uses two interactive, HD video and audio installations set up in New York City (New Amsterdam) and Amsterdam (er…Old Amsterdam?) to give citizens of both cities the chance to win 2 roundtrip tickets to the opposite city. All they have to do is step up, make a new friend, and palm up their best high-five. It’s a the same idea as both Coca-Cola’s “It’s a Small World” soda dispensary and SNCF’s virtual doors—engaging cultures using technology—but for me, what really works for this execution is the use of the high-five, a physical embodiment of success, excitement, and celebration. Being able to capture the essence of those emotions and translate them into positivity towards the brand deserves, well…a high-five.


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