Travel Inspiration: The Mission in Photos

On Sunday, I headed up to Dolores Park in San Francisco. After participating in a robot dance party (see first shot), I headed back to Mission to explore. It just so happened that it was Sunday Streets, an event modeled after Bogotá, Colombia’s Ciclovía, which according to is “a day of free, healthy activities that promote community in public streets.” The streets are blocked off to cars, and arts organizations, non-profits, and local businesses all come out set up booths and performances. There were a ton of people out enjoying live performances (everything from a live bluegrass band to a impromptu runway show), sipping coffees, and celebrating the city. These events happen about once a month or so, and if you can, definitely check them out.

On our way back to BART we discovered a little alley covered in graffiti. It was a foggy day in the city (of course), but the gray sky really made the colors on the walls pop vividly. Got some great shots of some beautiful street art—one of my favorite points of the trip.