50 States, 50 Pizzas

Now THIS would be a road trip I could get on board with! Apparently Zagat came out with a “best pizza per state” list in honor of Pizza Week back in the September and it completely escaped my radar. How? I honestly have no idea. I feel like I’m in danger of having my pizza-lover card revoked—and this from the girl who won (and has eaten) free pizza for a year!

I grew up in California, so I have to give a shout-out to Pizza My Heart, which made the list!

watsonville_apple_680_340_s_c1 Per Zagat: “Ironically, Pizza My Heart co-founder Chuck Hammer said this pizza with apple on top of it started with their company’s deep desire to put bacon on a pizza. “Who hasn’t seen the classic pig with an apple in its mouth?” asks Hammer. More importantly, the salty-sweet combo just works. In addition to the bacon and fruit, Hammer’s team added spicy pepperoni to the mix to make it loud and clear that this was still a pizza. The gorgonzola added at the end rounds everything off with a creamy finish. In-the-know tip: you can custom-order nitrate-free bacon for your pie.”