Awesome Office Spaces

Well, it’s freezing here in Atlanta today, and I have serious office envy for anyone who isn’t stuck in an icebox of a building like I am…which may be why this recent article from Buzzfeed on gorgeous start-up office caught my eye. Whether they’re here in the States, in Europe, or in Asia, these offices are bright, homey, and make working there look a helluva lot more fun.

My favorites on the list?

Draugiem in Riga, Latvia

Greenery in the office? Giant chess pieces? Let’s do this.

Migo in Manila, Philippines

They have cubicles that look barns and a sunken couch. Where can I apply?

Homeaway’s Office in Austin, Texas


Google’s Dublin Campus

So many colors and patterns…how could you not be inspired?

Mojang in Stockholm, Sweden

Excellent deployment of plaid.

(via Buzzfeed)