Adventurous Hotel Rooms Around the World

David and I just booked a long weekend trip to Yosemite, where we’ll be yurt camping. I’m pretty excited—I’ve always been fascinated with unconventional (well, for the Western world) dwellings and buildings that let you get close to your outside environment. I know yurt camping (ugh, do I have to call it “glamping”?) has gotten really big recently, and I got to wondering what were some other alternatives that fell between tent and hotel on the lodging spectrum?

Lucky for me, Buzzfeed UK came out with a post today featuring unique lodgings around the world. From cave rooms in Greece to treehouses in Costa Rica to rooftop huts in Israel, this is a list chock full of adventurous places to rest your head. What’s the craziest place you’ve ever stayed while on vacation? Anyone done igloo camping?