Hamburg for Traveling Professionals

Work trips can be fun, but they are first and foremost work. If you have the chance to do any sight-seeing, it’s usually either through a taxicab window or after 5pm. That’s why I love Michelle’s new blog, Travel After Five, which features sights, activities, and things to see that are open after 5—the perfect guide for the traveling professional. Check out my collaboration with her—a guide on visiting Hamburg—below!

Travel Inspiration: Stockholm in Photos

Nothing compares to Stockholm in the summer—especially since I’ve never seen it in the winter! 😉 I’ve been to the Swedish capital twice—once for a family visit, and once on a shoot—and it’s pure magic. A fat, buttery sun that melts down the streets, the sky a bright and endless blue, tidy buildings in pastel…

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Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Europe

Over at Nomadic Dreamz, Neha has been working on putting together a comprehensive list of recommendations for vegan and vegetarians traveling Europe, and I was happy to contribute one of my Kraków favorites—Hamsa! Check out her list (and bear in mind it will just keep growing as she gets more contributions 😉 here:

Things We Are Not Taller Than: Athens, Greece

This post is part of a series. You can read about the origins of our travel tradition here. “We approached Athens from the north in early twilight, climbing a hill. When we reached its peak, we were dazzled to look down and see the Acropolis struck by one beam of the setting sun, as it posing…

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Travel Inspiration: Naxos, Greece

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Why You Should Visit Naxos

“Do you like nachos?” The question, asked by the Greek driver of our hotel pickup, took me by surprise. It took me two seconds to realize that he wasn’t asking if I liked cheese-covered chips (an improbable find on this glorious Greek island anyway), but if I liked Naxos, the name of said Greek island…

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Should I Visit Athens?

Ah, Athens. One of the world’s oldest cities. Where classical, graceful, historical meets gritty, graffiti-splattered, and dirty. Athen’s port, Piraeus, once the major import/export center and navy base for the ancient Greeks, now launches ships daily outward to the pristine Greek Islands. But as you book your flight into the city of Athens and prepare…

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Tips for Moving Abroad from Expats

Moving abroad is both exhilarating and also terrifying. What to take? What to leave? How long should you plan on staying? How can you meet people overseas? What will it be like? I figured there’s no one better to give advice on moving overseas that those of us who have already done it—so I asked…

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Travel Inspiration: Venice in Photos

Though many tourists treat it like a daytrip, Venice is a magical place, begging for a deep dive (and not just because it’s filled with water). Plan to leave enough time to wander, observe, and truly enjoy this unreal city.

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