Behind the Scenes: The Times Square Ball

Via Atlas Obscura, shot by Allison Meier

2013 is fast winding down, and the grocery store end-caps are chock full of noisemakers, silly hats, and bottles of cheap champagne. How will you be spending New Year’s Eve? For those of you who’ll be forsaking the wild clamor of a tightly-packed bar in favor of watching the countdown at home, Atlas Obscura has a treat for you:  a fascinating, up-close look at the famous Times Square Ball, which will be making its descent in just under 48 hours.

From the article:

“The Times Square Ball has a surreal, hypnotic quality that left us all a bit in awe. It’s a real rarity to be allowed such an intimate encounter with an international emblem that is representative of so much to so many people, and a reminder that even in the middle of the most heavily touristed part of your city there are fascinating tales and hidden treasures. We’re extremely grateful to Jeff Straus and Countdown Entertainment for allowing us a truly unique and meaningful behind-the-scenes experience.”

Be sure to read the full story here, which contains some awesome shots of the ball close up, as well as some interesting historical tidbits.