San Blas(t) Adventures: Sailing from Colombia to Panama

Now that the moving in is all settled, we can get back to the adventures. San Blas Islands, Panama — August 2014 After leaving Cartagena, we spent just one night in Turbo before leaving for the promised (is)land chain: the San Blas Islands. There are a few ways you can do this three-night, four-day journey—most…

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The Adventure Begins: Turbo, Colombia

If you hate sleeping in hammocks, the San Blas islands are probably not for you. If you hate traveling by boat, the islands are probably not your jam. If you hate drinking games, meeting new people, bonfires, snorkeling, or fine white sand, you are likely going to hate the San Blas islands. Luckily for you,…

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Cartagena, Colombia: Door Decor

Cartagena is famous for its beautiful Spanish colonial architecture. Ornately carved woodwork, beautiful balconies, shuttered windows, shining stucco, and brilliant orange-tiled roofs all draw the eye and the camera lens, but my favorite architectural detail had to be the door decor. An unexpected bit of elegance and whimsy, these metal creations added personality and flair to the adobe…

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Cartagena, Colombia: A Fun and Cheap Itinerary

While Cartagena is starting to boom as a hotspot Colombian destination (if the plethora of swanky bars and burgeoning boutique hotels in the Walled City are any indication), it’s still quite possible to tour the city as a budget traveler. Here’s a few recommendations for fun and cheap ways to enjoy this beautiful port city. Brush…

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Turning World Cup Stadiums Into Housing

From Stadium Seats to Sitting Rooms: Turning World Cup Stadiums Into Housing

Wow—what an incredible idea. As the World Cup medal ceremony commenced, I had more than a pang of sadness at the thought of these colossal structures going to waste. But then I came across this article on Fast Company that showcases two architects with a brilliant idea of turning the World Cup stadiums into high-density housing. With the public enraged at the use of government spending for the FIFA tournament, what better way to spin the situation into a positive than by turning them into a public benefit? Click the link above for the rest of the story and pics!


Connections: Young Brazilians Meet Elderly Americans

Often the main issue with learning a new language is trying to find someone to practice with. Who do you talk to? How can you find native speakers in your home country? Agency FCB Brazil solved that problem handily by introducing a speaking exchange that used webcam technology to connect Brazilian English students with retirement…

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Traditional Brazilian Foods You Need To Eat Right Now

Buzzfeed’s 24 Traditional Brazilian Foods You Need To Eat Right Now is YES on so many levels. And it comes with recipes! I can’t wait until my classes finish up for the quarter and I have time to bust some of these out. I had the good fortune to have a lovely Brazilian as a roommate in…

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Stay in the Sun!: Brazil

Okay, I’ve got to admit this new Nivea ad is amazing. A solar-panel print ad that charges your iPhone so you don’t have to leave the beach? Sign me up! Especially if that beach is Ipanema. Sun, sea, soccer (ok, ok, futebol), and of course, the beach vendors who bring by savory tarts, coconut milk,…

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