Why it’s surreal to travel in Europe during Covid

While the global Covid-19 situation is changing every day, for those living in Europe, the borders between countries in the Schengen region have recently reopened. This allows those who assume the risk to travel for tourism outside their home countries for the first time in months. There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion about what…

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5 Essential Things to Do When Booking Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I think we can all agree—it’s a weird time. On the one hand, there’s an apocalyptic eeriness, with bars and restaurants shuttered, stores running low on supplies, and empty streets. On the other hand, it can feel normal, with work and life continuing on at its typical speed. With things changing every day, it’s hard…

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The Big Real-Time List of Airline Coronavirus Policies

Travel during the Coronavirus outbreak is constantly changing. So if you have bookings coming up or you’re trying to plan for the (uncertain) future, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your airline’s rebooking policies. Forbes rounded up all major airline Coronavirus Policies and is updating it in real-time based on new information. Reference it here!


Should You Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

With the pandemic going (literally) viral, a lot of people are questioning whether it’s wise to travel during the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether travel during the Coronavirus outbreak is right for you might depend on quite a few things. The actual necessity of your travel, the risks you encounter (and pose to others)—but most importantly, your…

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New Travel Requirements for U.S. Travelers to Europe

Starting in 2021, there will be new travel requirements for U.S. travelers to Europe. While it’s nothing too intimidating or complex, the new travel requirements for U.S. travelers are going complicate entry into Europe—“complicate” here being a relative term. As U.S. citizens, we’re currently pretty lucky. Beyond the 90-day limit within the European Schengen zone,…

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The Best Time to See Barcelona’s Gaudi

People come to Barcelona for different reasons (mine were heavy on eat, drink, tan repeat). But your trip will be lacking if you don’t include at least one piece of Barcelona’s fantastical Gaudi architecture. As these places are major tourist draws, it can be seriously off-putting to elbow your way through a massive tour group…

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Tips for planning a surprise trip

For all the travel planning logistics I do, there’s one trip a year I can always count on where I can be fully hands-off: our anniversary getaway. It’s Tim’s trip—one that he researches, plans, and books…all without me knowing where we go. So when it came to gathering tips for planning a surprise trip, I…

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Planning a Surprise Anniversary Trip

Tim’s been planning a surprise anniversary trip for me since the first year we were together—and this year marks the fourth surprise trip he’s planned. Year one? A romantic day trip around Hamburg. Year two? A weekend in Paris. Year three? Four days in Athens and Naxos. Year four? Five days in Sardinia. He laughingly…

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Is the Vienna Pass Worth It?

One key aspect of our 7-day Vienna itinerary was visiting Vienna’s museums. After some quick calculations, we decided to spring for the Vienna Pass, hoping we’d see enough attractions to make the Vienna Pass worth the purchase price. Now, with the trip over and our brains (and phones) crammed with as much art, history, and…

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Should You Take Photos at a Concentration Camp?

Should you take photos at a concentration camp? People have a lot of opinions on whether you should document a visit to a concentration camp (and if so, how). For me, I came into the visit wanting to document and share the experience. The camps still exist to be seen and bear testimony to what…

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