What to Eat, Drink, and Do in Paris

There’s plenty to see on a trip to Paris, and countless resources trot out the same itineraries: the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Notre-Dame, the Louvre. Don’t get me wrong—you’ll definitely want to see those places. They’re famous for a reason, after all. But what if you want to shower some lesser known attractions with some love…

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The Spreewald Distillery Tour

“Eine Frau die Whisky trinkt?” I looked up from swirling my fresh pour of Single Malt to see the incredulous eyes of a 40-something-year-old German man staring at me. He gave me a look of bemused admiration as I nosed the amber liquid and then took a sip. “Lecker,” he offered. I agreed—the whisky, a Stork Club Single Malt from Spreewald Distilleries was caramel-nosed, light…

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Travel Inspiration: Stockholm in Photos

Nothing compares to Stockholm in the summer—especially since I’ve never seen it in the winter! 😉 I’ve been to the Swedish capital twice—once for a family visit, and once on a shoot—and it’s pure magic. A fat, buttery sun that melts down the streets, the sky a bright and endless blue, tidy buildings in pastel…

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Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Europe

Over at Nomadic Dreamz, Neha has been working on putting together a comprehensive list of recommendations for vegan and vegetarians traveling Europe, and I was happy to contribute one of my Kraków favorites—Hamsa! Check out her list (and bear in mind it will just keep growing as she gets more contributions 😉 here:


Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Berlin’s Olympiastadion

We walked under the Olympic hoops as one big motley crowd. There was a girl dressed as a unicorn. A guy with an arm full of Disney tattoos. Africans, Americans, Eastern Europeans. Interracial couples, a girl in a wheelchair, a group of gay men sporting eyeliner more expertly applied than mine. Into a stadium redesigned…

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How My Father Taught Me I Was Smart

If there’s one thing I am always going to remember about my dad it’s the way he always said my name when he wanted my help. Not lingering over each individual syllable: Guh-bree-elle, but a rushed, quick whisper, each syllable scrunched into the next. It was a conspiratorial beckon, an inside joke—delivered in a stage…

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Culture Shock #7: Fußball

For me, watching soccer in Germany is like making new friends. Whenever you’re trying to establish a friendship, there comes a point that requires you to show something real. Something deep. Whether that’s admitting an obsession with astrology or sharing a love of trashy sitcoms, it’s a make-or-break moment that will either settle you deep…

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Travel Inspiration: Neuschwanstein in Photos

Neuschwanstein Castle has certainly earned its fairytale reputation. Tim and I visited it in the fall of my first year in Germany. He was mildly amused by my fangirl hype on the drive up and laughed out loud at my literal gasp when we spotted it nestled in the fall foliage. The fact is, for…

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Travel Inspiration: Champagne in Photos

The first time I lived in Europe (I know, kick me) was nine years ago, in 2009, to study abroad in the Netherlands. Ask any American college student studying abroad, and we’ll tell you—one of the best parts of it is being able to legally drink. I was a bit of a late bloomer when…

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How to Drive in the Sand at Sossusvlei

Driving in sand is one of those things that sounds way easier than it is. Though we were cautioned repeatedly about how hard (and dangerous) it can be, we remained swaggeringly confident that it couldn’t be that hard. So it should surprise no one that within thirty seconds of hurtling off the tar round into…

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