Everyone is Welcome in LA

With the U.S. currently gaffe-ing about matters both diplomatic and domestic, it’s little wonder the sentiment outside of the States is so wary—especially when it comes to booking travel. But count on California to do something to change that. I love this colorful, bright-eyed ad from LA Tourism, that both says and shows that #everyoneiswelcome. And to be honest—since we’ve acknowledged the population is so varied, I’d love to see such a diverse cast in a “normal” ad too. #goals

Happy Bellies: A Weekend in Portland (Pt II.)

I already covered a bit of the Portland beer scene (check it out here), so this post is about the second thing making our bellies happy—food! In terms of food—well, to be frank, we love eating, but we’re not necessarily true foodies. We don’t go out of our way to nosh on the latest trends…

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Happy Bellies: A Weekend in Portland (Pt I.)

It was hard to say what we more excited for as we belted ourselves into our flight to Portland. Was it beer? Was it food? Was it getting out of town for the weekend—being on another flight? Whatever it was, it brought a flush to our cheeks and hammer to our hearts…or maybe it was…

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