Culture Shocks

People have asked me how I’m settling in here, and the truth is—it’s been quite easy. Living in Thailand was for the first few months completely, unsettlingly foreign and almost everything seemed like a struggle. But getting my start in Germany has been virtually seamless…though unlike in Thailand, adjusting to the weather is infinitely harder.

To be fair, I have a lot of help. A built-in network of friends made the city feel like home almost immediately; whenever I feel lonely, there’s someone to spend time with. These same friends have also helped with the overwhelming things—arguing with Telekom about my internet services, negotiating the rental agreement, translating the endless stream of letters I get in the mail (more on that later). Culture shock has been pretty minimal, but in the posts below, I share a few things that have given me pause:

  1. Your Money’s No Good Here
  2. Those Doors Are Closin’
  3. A Post About the Post
  4. Take Your Own Beverage
  5. It’s (Unapologetically) Christmastime