Grab a Drink with Virgin Atlantic

Just got a whiff of some tropical beaches via these travel ads from Virgin Atlantic. All of them feature the same earnestly quirky bartender, who extols the virtues of each location while sloshing together its signature cocktail: the Grand Margarita for Mexico, the Palmer’s Punch for Jamaica, and the classic Mojito for Cuba.

It’s a amusing way to present the destinations without your cheesy, run-of-the-mill, wide-pan “exotic” shots—and they must have been plenty fun to write. I’m not sure whether it’s the bartender’s accent, the sight of all of those ingredients being whipped around, or the kitchsy bar accoutrements that surround him, but something about it all is both charming and silly at the same time. So what the heck, Virgin—I’ll take two of the Palmer’s Punch (hold the cherries).

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