Before and After 2 – Painted Statements

This post continues where the Before left off.

Having come to this country with only the clothes on my back (okay, and two suitcases and four boxes), I also had no furniture. The first night I spent in the place was in a nest of blankets on the floor. While a lack of furniture made everyday living a bit difficult (not to mention uncomfortable), it did make it easy to paint.

And so we painted. And painted. And painted.

Major props to Tim, who, when he gave me a voucher for painting my apartment, had no idea what he was getting into. Just when he thought there was nothing left to paint, I would get another crazy idea. Why not the ceiling? Why not an accent doorway? (Although to be fair, the green arch in the living room has fast become my favorite part of the apartment, not least because it disguises the fact that the doorway itself is a little crooked.)

Paint did wonders for making the apartment feel more homey. It was the first time I’d gotten to paint a place the way I wanted, and though my moodboards (yes, I made moodboards. I work in advertising, ok?) initially prompted a raised eyebrow or two, once the paint was dry, everyone agreed that it looked awesome.

Hallway Paint: Before and After

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Living Room Paint: Before and After

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The green arch proved the most divisive. Reaction ranged from “It looks awesome!” to “It looks like the entrance to a bounce-house.” But once I brought other pieces to the room, it looked less flamboyant.

Bedroom Paint: Before and After

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The bold choices brought some character and personality to the rooms, and made me less itchy for artwork, freeing up funds for furniture. What about you guys? Any bold paint choices on your horizons? Ever paint a new place and wish you hadn’t?