Love Letters to London, Kuala Lumpur, and Chicago

This post is part of a series of love letters written by travel bloggers and expats about their favorite places around the world. Read more here!

Love Letter to London

from Vanessa at Wanderlust Crew

Dear London,

Before I even met you, I knew I loved you. Between the pages of my favorite books and hours spent watching my favorite movies, I got to know you. You just seemed special right from the start and somewhere I knew would have my heart! And I was right! When I first saw you with my own eyes, it was love at first sight, and I knew there would be no turning back! You have all the things I love, London!

I fell in love with your beautiful architecture, your ancient history, the stories of love and loss that took place within your borders. You’ve created some of the most wonderful masterpieces of literature on Earth. When I’m away from you I constantly crave your incredible food, inspired from all over the globe. I love your picturesque cafes and quaint bakeries. I could get lost in your your verdant parks and lush flower gardens for eternity without ever wanting to leave. I so admire your clean and easy transportation and wish that other cities in my life could be as amazing as you at this!

The one thing that I’m truly in love with is your classic, yet quirky style and the feeling of your atmosphere. You have so much positive energy running through the veins of your streets and tube tunnels. That feeling is continuously drawing me towards you, making me long to visit you more and more.

Any time I’m with another city, all I can think about is you, London! There’s just no place else for my heart.

Thanks for being mine, London!


Love Letter to Kuala Lumpur

from Lora at Explore with Lora

Kuala Lumpur, or commonly known as KL, is the capital city of Malaysia. I flew to KL as an entrance point to Asia because it was the cheapest option from Canada, and ended up falling in love with the city.

What made me fall in love with Kuala Lumpur was the unique mix of Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian cultures.  You can spend the morning shopping in China Town, Visit the Batu Caves Hindu Temple in the afternoon, and explore the local Malaysian markets at night. As a bonus, the culmination of these three cultures leads to some of the tastiest street food I ate in Asia.

Another reason to fall in love with Kuala Lumpur is the incredible skyline that lights up the city, with the 452m high Petronas Towers stealing the show. KL has a number of incredible rooftop bars to view the skyline from, but my favorite is the Heli Pad Lounge. This unique bar is set on top of a rooftop Helicopter Pad, so you can watch the sun go down over the city with a 360 view.

After just a few days in KL, I was already planning my next trip back. If you are headed to Asia consider KL as a start or end your trip. You can fly in from your country of origin, spend a few days exploring the city, and then jet off to wherever you want to go next in Asia. I’d be willing to bet it will steal your heart too.

Love Letter to Chicago

from Patti at The Savvy Globetrotter

Dear Chicago,

I feel so fortunate that I was born and raised in a great city like Chicago and even after traveling to so many other cities you are still one of my favorite cities in the world.  Our relationship isn’t always perfect, there are a few months every year when you can be sometimes be unpleasant and torture me with snow and brutally cold temperatures (but not always as you will occasionally surprise me with pleasant mild winter days).  But other than those winter months, you are so wonderful and have so much to offer to locals and visitors alike.  

As one of the largest cities in the United States, you have something for everyone no matter what their interests, whether a fan of skyscrapers, sports, shopping, architecture, culture, music, art, museums, parks, beaches or outdoor activities. I appreciate that many of the best things to do in Chicago are totally free—from the famous mirrored sculpture in Millennium Park, known as the Bean, to the Chicago Riverwalk, a pleasant pedestrian walkway along the Chicago River that offers great city and river views.  

And last but not least, I really appreciate how much you have to offer to food lovers such as myself.  You are full of places to eat offering every type of cuisine from affordable classics like deep dish pizza and Chicago style hot dogs to sophisticated and innovative dishes for foodies looking for the best restaurants.  You truly are a wonderful city to explore!