Love Letters to Rome, Tokyo, and Granada

This post is part of a series of love letters written by travel bloggers and expats about their favorite places around the world. Read more here!

Love Letter to Rome

from Cazzy at Dream Big, Travel Far

Dear Roma,

You are the one place that can lighten the hearts of even the most unromantic people. You can’t help but get swept up amongst the beauty you emit. Rome, I adore you for many reasons. The first for your wonderful architecture and history in the forms of the stunning Colosseum, the wonderful Pantheon, and the breathtaking Sistine Chapel.

All fantastic destinations in their own right. I love that you live up to your hype. You don’t disappoint and you always turn out to be even more than I could ever dream. I love the late night gelato stops in an array of wonderful and weird flavours. I love the never-ending supply of quaint and authentic Italian restaurants with delicious handmade pasta and a side of limoncello.

I love that you have so much more than meets the eye. You can wander outside the city and discover new, beautiful places, my favourite being the Borghese Lake. I love the beauty of the Trevi Fountain both in daylight and after dark. I love that you cater for all budgets, so that we can all experience the beauty of Rome.

Rome, you’re the one place in the world that I am always eager to return to, and I could never get bored with your atmosphere, beauty, and cuisine.


Love Letter to Tokyo

from Matilda at The Travel Sisters

Dear Tokyo,

While it was love at first sight when I visited Tokyo for the first time about a decade ago, you are still my favorite city and I have fallen more deeply in love with you with each visit. The first time I visited was in the spring during cherry blossom season when you were especially beautiful, with pink flowers in full bloom in your parks. 

I have been lucky to travel to Tokyo several more times since then and my feelings for you have only grown stronger.  I have fallen in love for so many reasons—including the culture (an interesting mix of both modern and traditional), the food, the fashion and the people. I also love your efficient metro system which makes it easy to get around safely and see everything you have to offer. Some of my favorite memories of Tokyo include eating fresh sushi at a fish market, visiting temples, attending a professional sumo wrestling tournament, watching a traditional kabuki performance, holding a bunny in one of your many animal cafes, people watching and walking across the world’s busiest and most famous intersection.

Even after several visits I still have so many things left to do on my Tokyo bucket list – there are so many fun and unique attractions and activities in Tokyo that I will never run out of things to see and do. I can’t wait to return and build more memories together.


Love Letter to Granada

from Roxanna from Gypsy with a Day Job

Dear Granada,

I spent 6 months in my 20’s exploring your streets, pubs, restaurants, museums, architecture, and culture.  I learned so much and garnered a new appreciation for so many things.  I was lucky enough to take an art history class while in Granada, and I spent hours exploring the Alhambra, various museums, and buildings. It is a truly magnificent city.

Granada, Spain is a truly unique place in the world.  Granada fell under Islamic rule from 711 AD-1492 AD.  Because of this, there is an extraordinary confluence of Islamic and Catholic art, culture and history.  It sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, at the intersection of old-world Europe, Catholicism, Islamic art and architecture, and Moorish culture. 

I got to eat Spanish tortilla, (vegetarian) paella, and I experienced Nutella for the first time.  I also learned Spanish, how to Flamenco, and spent hours reading in your plazas. I learned to slow down, and that lunch should be eaten with friends and that it’s ok if it takes 2 hours. I explored the Alhambra, with its intricately designed walls, gardens, baths, and porticos. And I sipped wine under your magnificent skies.  

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to experience so many new people, cultures, languages, food, and art that helped to form me into the young woman that I became.