Paris + New York: A side by side look

I absolutely adore this new ad from Open Skies, (a division of British Airways that flies exclusively between Paris and New York), highlighting joys of traveling to two of my—really, everyone’s—favorite cities: New York and Paris. A lot of the shots are the requisite beauty shots you’d expect from an ad promoting tourism/travel—pans of the preening streets, landmark porn, sunset closeups, and a hearty dose of timelapse lightplay. But interspersed are some simple storytelling shots: cafe owners, people with bicycles, a look at personal style, street art. More than postcard-framed icons, it is these little vignettes that are the essence of the cities, and capture the uniqueness that so compels us all to visit. To have it so eloquently captured in an airline makes me feel as though the brand, too, understands what it means to be a traveler versus a tourist.