Ready for a Taste of France

I happened to go to Alon’s Bakery, a Euro-style market and cafe here in Atlanta, for lunch today. Now, Alon’s is in itself an equal parts mouthwatering and charming experience. As I munched on my sandwich, I mentioned to my friend that I was craving some French desserts, and mused about how nice would it be to be sitting in Paris this time in year, with a free afternoon, a strong cup of coffee, and a delicious pastry. No sooner had I sat down back at work than this ad came across my desk. Foodies beware—the shots in this little video will probably make you drool all over your keyboard.

If you’re an accomplished baker (and French-speaker), check out Carte Noir’s website for the recipe. If you’re not a French speaker, check it out anyway. Google has a most amusing translation of the page. My favorite bit is “Exclusively for men, this recipe is to enjoy with friends. But you resist the urge to share these adorable cabbage with your lover?”