Summer in Savannah (and bonus Oatland Island)

A few weeks ago I posted photos from Tybee Island—the first half of our trip. Saturday evening and Sunday morning were spent in Savannah and at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center.

We made the quick drive from Tybee to Savannah around Happy Hour. Since Savannah allows open containers, our plan was to pick up cocktails-to-go and take a walk around the city—however, we arrived at the same time as a summer storm. So intead of strolling we ducked in and out of bars and shops on River Street, sampling cocktails, savoring pralines, and scoping out the handmaid goods of local artists. Once the rain blew over, we took our walk through the tree-lined streets and stumbled upon an old cemetery that turned out to be for victims of the yellow fever epidemic—an interesting bit of history I’d never known before.

We had a sumptous Southern Meal at the Olde Pink House, which at one time or another was a private home, a bank, a headquarters for one of Sherman’s generals, among others. It was gorgeously decorated with frescoes and antiques, but the vibe wasn’t at all stuffy. The food was delicious—beautifully plated and generously portioned. (Sorry for the lack of foodporn, must have been too caught up in the company!)

Sunday arrived bright and early, and we ventured over to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center to visit their new cougar. It was hot and humid, but the two-mile trail through the animal enclosures was shady and full of animal characters. The cougars were lovely, but our favorite encounters of the day were the gray wolves.