Featured! The Ultimate Packing List

Packing is always a somewhat daunting task—which is why Kathryn from Becoming You turned to travel bloggers for some help. She rounded up a hefty list of tips to create the Ultimate Packing List—full of the expected, the surprising, and the “I didn’t know you could use that for that“. Can you guess my contribution? Check it out here. 

Featured On: Hamburg for Traveling Professionals

Work trips can be fun, but they are first and foremost work. If you have the chance to do any sight-seeing, it’s usually either through a taxicab window or after 5pm. That’s why I love Michelle’s new blog, Travel After Five, which features sights, activities, and things to see that are open after 5—the perfect guide for the traveling professional. Check out my collaboration with her—a guide on visiting Hamburg—below!


A View on Viewing Animals – Featured on Written From

I’m super excited to share today that I’m a featured contributor on Written From! Check out the story—a reflection of what I’ve learned about interacting with animals while traveling—here! Written From is a really interesting blog—a conglomeration of posts that reflect, think deeply, and even critique the travel experience. From their mission statement: “We want…

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