Featured On: Hamburg for Traveling Professionals

Work trips can be fun, but they are first and foremost work. If you have the chance to do any sight-seeing, it’s usually either through a taxicab window or after 5pm. That’s why I love Michelle’s new blog, Travel After Five, which features sights, activities, and things to see that are open after 5—the perfect guide for the traveling professional. Check out my collaboration with her—a guide on visiting Hamburg—below!


Hamburg Travel Guide

This beautiful northern German port city is nearly running over with old-school charm and picturesque romance (with a few raunchy winks to boot!). And with the opening of its new philharmonic hall, Hamburg launched itself into the cultural consciousness, being swiftly named to both NatGeo’s and the New York Times’ lists of Places to Visit…

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From Hamburg to the Haupstadt

The other day I looked at the calendar and realized it’s been a month since I moved to Berlin. In that month, a ton of things have happened. To whit: Another move. Since I was 17, I’ve moved 17 times. Which is kind of staggering. But it also makes the moving process a bit ritualistic.…

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Hamburger Sliders: Then and Now

My favorite thing to do when visiting an old city is to see how much of its architectural history is still intact. To wander through these old section of town is not unlike watching a 90-year old grandma busting a surprising move on the dance floor—they have surprising charm, elegance, and even a hipness to…

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What I Learned My First Year as an Expat

Last Saturday marked the start of my second year in Germany. Which seems insane. It feels like I just landed from California (oh wait, because I did…). But in seriousness, I learned a lot in the past year—about myself, about my new country, about people. In truth, I think a lot of things I knew…

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Eating Like an American in Germany

“Tacos.” “Cheez-its.” “Corn on the cob.” “You know what I can’t find here? Pumpkin!” “You looking for pumpkin? I got. You want?” So went a recent conversation with my Ami* amie, Britt. Sharing a post-inauguration drink to drown our sorrows, we were resigned to staying in Germany, but bemoaning four years without our American food…

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Culture Shock #5: It’s (Unapologetically) Christmastime

Americans know better than to wish each other a Merry Christmas. Issue it with the best of intentions, and you’re likely to receive a lecture on political correctness. Holiday decorations have to be kept to generic winter themes, and even the traditional red, green, and white is often tweaked for inclusivity. Not everyone celebrates Christmas.…

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Travel Inspiration: Speicherstadt in Photos

Sometimes I think the reason I fell so hard in love with Hamburg is because it reminds me so much of Boston. And nothing recalls Boston so much as the bricked façades and minty patina of copper of the Speicherstadt, Hamburg’s “City of Warehouses”. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Speicherstadt is the largest warehouse…

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Oktoberfest an der Alster: Celebrating Hamburg-Style

I had really hoped to get down to Bavaria to celebrate my first Oktoberfest in Germany—but with a packed work schedule, coordinating with visiting friends, and the rest of real life, somehow time got away from me. Should I also blame in on the common conviction that Oktoberfest is held in October? Sure! Machen wir…

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