Where to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

Bring out your dead! It’s my favorite time of the year, and the time when I’m pining most to be back in the States…Halloween! Last year I collaborated with The Flyaway Life on a list of haunted getaways all around the United States. So if you love tricks, treats, and travel as much as I do, give it a read!

5 Haunted Getaways in the USA

Celebrating Halloween in Scotland

With its wild moors, haunted castles, heavy mists, and ancient stone circles, Scotland has always felt thrillingly spooky to me. I’m a Scorpio born the day before Halloween, so it’s little wonder that this windswept country haunts my imagination. When Tim and I visited Scotland two years ago, we timed our visit to coincide with…

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Why you should visit Thailand for Loy Krathong

Country 16: Thailand | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here! Planning a trip to Thailand? There are two very Thai festivals that might pop up on your radar. One is Songkran, the Thai new year. It’s a riotous celebration with people flinging, shooting, dumping, and dunking water onto everyone and everything. There…

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Guten Truthahn Tag! An Expat Thanksgiving

“Is this your first Thanksgiving?” asked my creative director, when I introduced her to Tim at our office Thanksgiving celebration. “Oh, no,” he replied cheekily. “I’ve had 27. I just didn’t know it was a holiday then.” Smart-assery aside, Germans obviously don’t celebrate the quintessential American holiday. It’s a little strange to treat such a…

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Oktoberfest an der Alster: Celebrating Hamburg-Style

I had really hoped to get down to Bavaria to celebrate my first Oktoberfest in Germany—but with a packed work schedule, coordinating with visiting friends, and the rest of real life, somehow time got away from me. Should I also blame in on the common conviction that Oktoberfest is held in October? Sure! Machen wir…

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Christmas in Bangkok

A throwback Thursday post remembering what it felt like to celebrate Christmas in a country that doesn’t. December 2010—Bangkok, Thailand The plus side to being abroad? Santa comes to Thailand first. The down side? Well, I was anticipating lots of down sides. The strangeness of being in a country where Christmas is not celebrated. The…

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