Which Valley of the Kings tombs should I visit?

It seemed completely right that we visited both The Valley of the Kings and The Valley of the Queens on the day of the dead. We saved it for our last day in Luxor—anticipating that exploring the tombs would be un-toppable. And I have to say, our assumption held right. On the list of things…

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Your Detailed Local Guide to San Francisco

I was lucky enough to grow up in the Bay Area, so it’s with a bit of bias that I say that San Francisco is the jewel in the Golden State’s crown. It combines all the best things about the state in one trip to California. Nature, food, art, nightlife…there are always things to do…

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Featured! The Ultimate Packing List

Packing is always a somewhat daunting task—which is why Kathryn from Becoming You turned to travel bloggers for some help. She rounded up a hefty list of tips to create the Ultimate Packing List—full of the expected, the surprising, and the “I didn’t know you could use that for that“. Can you guess my contribution? Check it out here. 

How to Avoid the Cairo Scams

Cairo is pretty well-known for tourist scams, and falling for one can ruin your day (or worse, your trip). So, how can you avoid scams in Cairo? Research and street smarts will definitely help, but at the end of the day, a confident, firm voice is going to be your strongest line of defense.

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The Best Ways to Spend a Long Layover

Country 15: Taiwan | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here! I used to hate long layover flights. Between the overused airport bathrooms, uncomfortable seating, and ridiculously expensive food and beverage options, there’s little to look forward to. It was only when flying into Taipei that I first appreciated the best way to…

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How to Deal with Common Travel Problems

Country 7: Latvia | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here! Cancelled flights. Stolen passports. Bad hotels. When travel goes right, you have the trip of a lifetime. But when it goes wrong, it’s a horror story in the making. And if you travel frequently, travel problems are practically inevitable. Here are…

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Planning a bike tour in the Netherlands

Country 6: The Netherlands | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here!

Biking through the Netherlands

My 6th country was your classic study abroad in Europe tour, with a slight twist. Rather than staying in an apartment or university dormitory, I spent four months living in a medieval castle in the middle of nowhere. And you know what? Despite being a city girl, I loved it. We all rented bikes from the local shop and I spent the hours I wasn’t studying or traveling tooling around the Dutch countryside, watching frolicking spring lambs, finding dunes, and rolling through charming little villages.

After we left, my castle friends and I always planned to do a big reunion bike tour, and when I was researching how it could be done, I found Vrieden op de Fiets (Friends with Bicycles), a homeshare program designed for bikers and hikers visiting the rest of the Netherlands. For 19eur a night you get a comfortable bed, a nourishing breakfast, and the chance to meet and bond with local Dutch people. If you’re thinking about doing a biking tour through the Netherlands, I highly recommend checking them out!


7 Ways to Experience the Real Tahiti

Country 5: French Polynesia | This post is part of my 30×30 series (read more here!). Plenty of people visit French Polynesia to appreciate the postcard-perfect beaches, lush mountains, and crystal clear waters. But to me, the most beautiful thing about Tahiti and her islands isn’t the scenery—it’s the people. I’ve been lucky to see…

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The Only Tip You Need for Your Venice Trip

I’ve been in love with Venice from the very first time I visited. It is such a strange and wondrous place—the twisting alleys and slender bridges so secretive and seductive, the rippling waterways so quiet and romantic. There’s plenty of tips for how to best enjoy your Venice trip out there—from negotiating the price of…

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10 Tips for Traveling for Work

When you travel for business, it sort of goes without saying that the stakes are a little higher than when you for pleasure. My job in advertising requires somewhat regular work travel, but Tim’s job in consultancy requires a lot. Here are our top tips for traveling for work! 10 Tips for Traveling for Work…

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