Postcard from “Back Home”, the Philippines

Country 17: The Philippines | This post is part of my 30×30 series. Read more here! One of the things I love, in principle, about America is that you can be any kind of American. Filipino-American, Swedish-American, Afro-American, Chinese-American. In theory, you keep the country of your heritage looped in with your identity as an American. My…

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Featured On: Hamburg for Traveling Professionals

Work trips can be fun, but they are first and foremost work. If you have the chance to do any sight-seeing, it’s usually either through a taxicab window or after 5pm. That’s why I love Michelle’s new blog, Travel After Five, which features sights, activities, and things to see that are open after 5—the perfect guide for the traveling professional. Check out my collaboration with her—a guide on visiting Hamburg—below!

The BookBenches of London

Lucky Londoners (and visitors) have a new option for free fun in their city—a hunt for the latest art installations: Books about Town – Around London with Fifty BookBenches. Designed to look like a flipped open paperback and painted by artists to display scenes from popular tales, these books are scattered throughout the city, providing both form and…

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