Where to Celebrate Halloween in the USA

Bring out your dead! It’s my favorite time of the year, and the time when I’m pining most to be back in the States…Halloween! Last year I collaborated with The Flyaway Life on a list of haunted getaways all around the United States. So if you love tricks, treats, and travel as much as I do, give it a read!

5 Haunted Getaways in the USA

Your Detailed Local Guide to San Francisco

I was lucky enough to grow up in the Bay Area, so it’s with a bit of bias that I say that San Francisco is the jewel in the Golden State’s crown. It combines all the best things about the state in one trip to California. Nature, food, art, nightlife…there are always things to do…

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5 Places to Visit in the Midwest

This guest post was written by Michelle from Travel After Five, a blog specializing in tips and guides for traveling professionals.  There are a lot of places to visit in the Midwest, stretching from North Dakota down to Kansas, and east to Ohio. Besides some of the nicest people you will ever meet, the Midwest…

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GQ’s Oakland Weekend Guide

I’m always pumped to see a mention of my hometown, Oakland, in the news for something good, so I’ve gotta give GQ a major fist bump for showing The Town some love. Even if it does imply major gentrification. https://www.gq.com/story/oakland-weekend-guide

Everyone is Welcome in LA

With the U.S. currently gaffe-ing about matters both diplomatic and domestic, it’s little wonder the sentiment outside of the States is so wary—especially when it comes to booking travel. But count on California to do something to change that. I love this colorful, bright-eyed ad from LA Tourism, that both says and shows that #everyoneiswelcome. And to be honest—since we’ve acknowledged the population is so varied, I’d love to see such a diverse cast in a “normal” ad too. #goals

Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon

I associate a lot of things with Portland. Well, ok, mostly beer and books. I’d heard that there are some great places to eat in Portland, but to honest… I love eating, but I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a true foodie. I don’t go out of our way to nosh on the latest trends. (Even…

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The Best Spots for Beer in Portland

It was hard to say what I was more excited for as I belted myself into my flight to Portland. Was it beer? Or it food? Maybe it was getting out of town for the weekend—being on another flight? Whatever it was, it brought a flush to my cheeks and hammer to my heart…or maybe…

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Urban Hikes: San Francisco’s Top Date Hikes

I have been living in the city for almost five months now, and after five straight days of the hustle-and-bustle daily grind, I start to crave a break from the concrete jungle and (plethora) of city smells. While San Francisco is famous for its hilly sidewalk, it’s also got ample green spaces to set your feet down…

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