Featured On: Hamburg for Traveling Professionals

Work trips can be fun, but they are first and foremost work. If you have the chance to do any sight-seeing, it’s usually either through a taxicab window or after 5pm. That’s why I love Michelle’s new blog, Travel After Five, which features sights, activities, and things to see that are open after 5—the perfect guide for the traveling professional. Check out my collaboration with her—a guide on visiting Hamburg—below!


10 Tips for Traveling for Work

When you travel for business, it sort of goes without saying that the stakes are a little higher than when you for pleasure. My job in advertising requires somewhat regular work travel, but Tim’s job in consultancy requires a lot. Here are our top tips for traveling for work! 10 Tips for Traveling for Work…

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What It’s Like on an Advertising Shoot

On a Saturday afternoon at the end of April, I posted a photo to my Instagram of me sipping champagne in business class, on my way to an advertising photo shoot in Vancouver. Obnoxious? Yes. Strategically selected? Absolutely. In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, you’d have seen a smattering of photos posted over…

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