The Bahamas’ hidden Instagrammable gem: The Cloisters

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If the Cloisters seem out of place in a land of swaying palms and turquoise waters, it’s because they are. Fans of the Beatles will recognize the distinctive arches from the escapade “Help!”, and James Bond aficionados might know it from Casino Royale. But these white stone arches and Roman statues were originally part of a 14th-century monastery in France. Brought over stone by stone by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst and rebuilt in 1960s, the Cloisters are a stunning little gem tucked into Paradise Islands.

Now, nestled among tropical ferns and overlooking Nassau harbor, the Cloisters offer a serene place to wander, enjoy the verdant scenery and Old World charm, and take gorgeous photos. The thing that makes it the most Instagrammable? The grounds are typically deserted, giving you plenty of room to work the angles and capture unique shots.

To get there is simple. You can walk or drive from Nassau, or approach by foot or bike from the resorts on Paradise Island. There are now signs that say “No Trespassing”, but only a part of the property is private. You can access the site just by walking up to it—there’s no proper admission point and no one will hassle you as long as you’re respectful. You can see the whole space in under an hour, and there’s plenty to do on Paradise Island when you’re done wandering.