“The Ridge” Showcases the Scottish Mountains

On movie night this past weekend, David and I grabbed a copy of the Scottish indie film, The Angel’s Share, and spent two hours a) trying to decipher Scottish slang and b) lusting for a whisky-tasting tour of the beautiful country. In that fine tradition of film-inspired travel, here’s another awesomely inspirational video to visit Scotland…especially if you’re the daredevil type.

In “The Ridge”, Danny MacAskill proves himself to be an intrepid explorer of theCuillin Ridge in his homeland of the Isle of Skye. We follow him along the ridge (3,255 feet up!), a fog-bound, craggy stretch of mountains, watching via a range of views, from birds-eye to a camera strapped to MacAskill’s own helmet. It’s terrifying, jaw-dropping, and with Martin Bennet’s ethereal voice in the background, heart-wrenchingly haunting—in other words, a must watch.

Though it’s not a brand video in the sense of a corporate brand, it’s a fantastic promotion of athleticism, endurance, and sheer courage, and MacAskill has several corporate sponsors for whom that will resonate well (including Five Ten, Enve Composites, Red Bull and Santa Cruz Bikes). It’s also a great way to showcase the Scottish topography and promote a sort of adventure-tourism that the average crowd (or at least, me) might not associate with Scotland. While I doubt I’ll be attempting that sort of literal on-the-edge cycling, it looks like it’d be an incredible hike!

For those interested, by the way, be sure to check out the Visit Scotland website, they have a ton of information and ideas.