The “Super Cool” German Supermarket

When I was studying abroad in the Netherlands, one of my favorite things to do was explore the local SPAR market. There were all kinds of nifty snacks, a wide assortment of strange candies, and plenty of 2 euro wines, which kept me well-fed for the entirety of my time there. I feel like you can learn about a country’s culture by checking out their local grocery chains—and if that is true, then the new commercial for Germany’s Edeka supermarket chain (which Wiki informs me owns SPAR) has a lot of insight to share.

The title, “Supergeil,” can mean both “super cool” and “super sexy” (or “horny”) in German. I personally love the hilarious double-entendres sprinkled throughout—AdWeek has a detailed write-up of the ad, including some translations of the lyrics:

‘”[Friedrich Liechtenstein]’s subdued yet insane performance transcends language barriers, though it’s a hoot that one line translates to “Organic is also very, very cool/Very cool organic products, excellent,” while a suave chorus exhorts viewers to “Check it out, very, very cool fries, super/Very cool cod, by the way, very cool/Oh look here, toilet paper, ooh, now that’s soft/Very, very cool, super.”‘

Super job, Edeka and Jung von Matt!