Three Alternatives to Kruger Park in South Africa

Kruger National Park is highly lauded and applauded as being the best park for safaris in South Africa. As one of the largest game reserves in the entire African continent, I guess it’s not hard to see why. But if you are looking for something less touristy and more off-the-beaten-path, here are three varied and beautiful alternatives.


Pilanesberg offers similar lush scenery, a plentitude of animals, and an abundance of watering holes. Located less than two hours from Johannesburg, it’s the perfect way to kick off or end your South Africa trip. Read our full review here.

The Great Karoo:

If you fancy a safari with a bit of desert and dinosaurs thrown in, the Great Karoo should definitely be on your radar. Located in the interior of the country between Johannesburg and Cape Town, the Great Karoo is a phenomenally beautiful park chock full of wild game and prehistoric fossils. Read our full review here.


As an alternative to the national parks, you can find private reserves all over the country. We particularly loved and support ChaZen.  Located in the Vredefort Dome, their philosophy is to prioritize the animals, not the humans. It means you might get muddier, wetter, or dirtier than in other parks where the focus is more on presentation—but the knowledge and passion of the guides who run it more than make up for that. Read our full review here.


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