3 reasons to visit the Carlsberg’s Brewery in Copenhagen

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Whenever I think of Copenhagen, I think of playgrounds—which surprised me as much it may surprise you. This graceful northern city is typically more associated with design, architecture, and sculpture than it is with play. But whether you love blocks, blunts, or beer, if you have a playful heart, you’ll find something to delight you!

While I love a Lego (and to ah, let go, on occasion), my favorite part of my Copenhagen trip was actually my visit to the Carlsberg’s Brewery. I love a good brewery tour, and the Carlsberg experience did not disappoint. Here are three reasons why the Carlsberg Brewery should be on your Copenhagen itinerary.

3 Reasons to Visit the Carlsberg’s Brewery

1. 4-Legged Brand Ambassadors

Carlsberg has a long history of horsing around. Back at the turn of the 19th century, the brewery used the horses to distribute their beer all over Denmark. But not just any horses—the breed Carlsberg uses is called the Jutland, an ancient Danish draft horse breed that was revitalized in large part due to the brewery stablemasters. This large breed, no longer so useful in the days of automated transportation, is hovering close to extinction (there’s barely 1,000 left!), making it significant that Carlsberg still champions them as their brewery horses.

The brewery is home to 7 draft horses, and in the summertime, you have the option to go for a carriage ride around the grounds as part of your tour. Make sure you stop by the stables and say hello to these beautiful brand ambassadors!


2. The beer library

While beer label designs don’t have quite the same artistic reputation at wine labels, there’s still a lot of artistry to them. You’ll be able to compare and contrast in Carlsberg’s beer bottle library—the brewery has the largest collection of unopened beer bottles in the world, over 22,000!


3. The tastings

Your ticket includes a complimentary beer, and you can choose whether to do your tasting outdoors on the patio, or in the upstairs bar (where you can watch the brewing process unfold). Light and refreshing, these beers are the perfect way to unwind after your tour.

The brewery also does special seasonal events—for instance, if you are visiting during the summer, make sure you schedule your visit around the Friday bar. It takes place every first Friday in the month from 1 June to 7 September and features outdoor grilling, and music. They also do a Christmas market during December weekends and special tasting sessions throughout the year. Check the event section on their website for more info!

Getting to the Brewery

Hop on their free shuttle bus that will take you to Visit Carlsberg from the city center (Vesterbrogade 6 by Copenhagen Central Station). The shuttle runs every hour from 11:00-16:00 and heads back to the city center every hour from 11:25-16:25. If you’re not coming from the city center, you can take the train to Carlsberg Station and follow the footpath directly to the brewery.

The Carlsberg Brewer has seasonal hours.

From May 2018 to September 2018:
Open from 10:00 – 18:00 all weekdays. Last ticket sold at 17:00.

From October 2018 to April 2019:
10:00 – 17:00 Tuesday-Sunday and closed on Mondays.

Entry costs 100DKK (price includes one beer in the tasting room)

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