Traditional Brazilian Foods You Need To Eat Right Now

Buzzfeed’s 24 Traditional Brazilian Foods You Need To Eat Right Now is YES on so many levels. And it comes with recipes! I can’t wait until my classes finish up for the quarter and I have time to bust some of these out. I had the good fortune to have a lovely Brazilian as a roommate in college, and got to try a few items on the list both during those years and on a trip to Brazil with her last summer. My personal favorites?

1. Brigadeiros

Holy cow. They’re so good. Melty and chocolate and soft…kind of like a Tootsie roll that’s been left to melt in your pocket, only, you know…good.

(via Buzzfeed)
What is it: Chocolate truffles made with condensed milk instead of cream and covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Tastes like: A Nutella ball sprinkled with chocolate.
Conclusion: You’ve been missing out on chocolate rolled into balls for far too long.
Get a recipe here.

2. Pão de Queijo

Otherwise known as the #1 culprit of the 10 lbs I gained in Brazil.

(via Buzzfeed)
What is it: Little rolls of bread with cheese baked into it.

Tastes like: Yup, little rolls of bread with cheese baked into it.
Conclusion: You’ll never eat regular bread again.
Get a recipe here.

3. Feijoada.

Pure yum. We had it served with some sort of crunchy green (anyone know what it was?) and orange slices. My roommate instructred us to mix it all together, which might make you hesitate, but it was possible the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Savory, refreshing, and hearty all in one. New Yorkers, Berimbau Do Brasil in the Village makes a fantastic one of these….and last I heard they were on Scoutmob.

(via Buzzfeed)
What is it: A black bean stew with various types of beef and sausage.

Tastes like: A hearty black bean chili.
Conclusion: Chili, what are you doing with your life?
Get a recipe here.