Where to Find the Best Tapas in Mallorca

Tourists flock to Mallorca for the beautiful beaches, crazy party scene, and wild scenery. But it’s still possible to take in some of Spain’s food culture in a quieter, more intimate way—and try the best tapas in Mallorca while you’re at it. In Palma’s Sa Gerreria district (just east of the Plaça Cort and Plaça Major), a group of bars offers a collective weekly special—a kind of tapas crawl. This is known as the Ruta Martiana, and if you are planning a visit to Mallorca, you should not miss it!

Exploring La Ruta Martiana

Along La Ruta Martiana, the bars range from neon-lit lounges to quirky antique-filled pubs. From outdoor patios to dive bars. For the unimaginable sum of 2-3€, each offers a small tapa or pintxo (most bars we went to offered at least a few to choose from) plus a caña of beer or small wine.

This tapas crawl unmissable because it’s located away from the tourist areas of La Llonja and the marina. For once, you won’t feel so touristy as you explore the narrow streets. Palma has a number of wonderfully authentic bars just waiting to be discovered if you follow the route. And the best part? They’re all just a few minutes walk from each other.

La Ruta Martiana is really popular with the Palma locals (I mean, I’d be there every Tuesday if I lived in Palma too). Instead of shaking your head at the loud German and British tourists, you’ll quietly observe first dates, birthday parties, and after-work unwinds. It feels intimate and real—probably the most real experience I had in Mallorca, to be honest.

It can be a little tricky to identify which bars are participating, but don’t be shy about asking. Many bars also had the little orange map tucked somewhere behind the bar. We took a photo of it and use it to navigate along the route.

La Ruta Martiana takes place every Tuesday, from 19:00 until closing.