Working Out in Berlin

German culture is deep into fitness and wellness of all kinds, so finding options for working out in Berlin won’t be a problem. (A good thing, considering all the options for food in Berlin!) With everything from hula hooping to spin classes to personal training programs, there’s something for everyone in this diverse city.

Working Out in Berlin

Biking in Berlin

One of the easiest options for working out in Berlin is biking. Berlin is an extremely bike-able city, with designated bike lanes through most of the city. The most challenging part is the cobblestones in the older part of the city—otherwise, cycling is a breeze. Purchase your own bicycle, or simply take advantage of one Berlin’s bike sharing programs.

Gym workouts in Berlin

Whether you want top-of-the-line facilities (try Holmes Place) or something more budget-friendly (FitX), there are plenty of options. If you’re thinking of joining a gym, many offer a free trial period, so you can see how you like the facilities.

What is a big problem are contracts. Typical gym contracts run for 24-months, and they can be a huge pain to break if you wind up moving to a different part of the city, or want to cancel because you don’t use it enough. Luckily there are some great alternatives!


For those familiar with it, YES, it’s here! For those not familiar with, Classpass is a platform that lets you use a number of class and training providers for flat fee every month. Classpass Berlin uses a credit system. Your flat fee covers a set number of credits, and classes vary in credit “cost” pending how popular the activity is. A spin class is typically 9-11 credits, yoga varies from 3-9. I highly recommend it, especially if you also want to meet some new people.

Urban Sports Club

Prior to Classpass, Berlin used Urban Sports Club. USC is basically a competitor to Classpass offering many of the same benefits. Their approach, however, is based on tiers, and priced accordingly. And unlike Classpass, USC also includes actual gyms, in case classes aren’t really your thing. It offers great flexibility, and, even though it was created in Germany, everything you need to know is in English.

La La Sports

Into sports that are a little more unconventional? La La Sports was created by expats here in Berlin who wanted to stay fit but weren’t into the big trends. They’ve curated organizations that provide sweet alternatives to staying fit: activities like fencing, (high)diving, archery, canoeing, hula hooping, or paddle board yoga. Many of the classes are free or low-cost, and it’s a great way to experiment with something new in your new city.

Adidas Runbase

Adidas is the king fitness brand in Germany, and they’ve put their mark on Berlin with a gorgeous run and training hub—Adidas Runbase—right on the Spree. It offers run clubs, trainers, physiotherapy, and different types of classes. When you’re done with your workout, grab a healthy meal or shake from their in-house restaurant.

Double Shot

The Double Shot Collective is a resource for health and wellness + social outlets in Berlin. It’s newsletter-based, providing ongoing “doubled” opportunities to do something good for yourself, and then do something bad. For instance, rooftop yoga combined with a wine night. Early morning spin followed by a boozy brunch. It’s a great way to get fit and meet other like-minded ladies!